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Archidawn Real Project is an indigenous architectural, Interior and Exterior outfit that focuses on prolific designs, working constructions and articulate project management. It came into existence in 2009 and has been registered with Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with registration number RC2103935, to engage in the design, construction, maintenance and management of all engineering services and its facilities, as well as to operate other services enhancing its establishment. The headquarters of Archidawn Real Project is in Abuja.

Archidawn Real Project is an indigenous construction/ management services company with well-skilled local content established to provide its clients/customers with the very first grade of goods and services with strong established industrial skill and technical abilities, offering its clients/customers full control/trust in implementation of its projects and offering first hand quality technical and engineering services in building and construction projects.

With over Ten-year experience which encompassed the pre and post registration of the company, Archidawn Real Project has its main objectives of delivering satisfactory and competent services to them which goes to show that it has the enablement/resources to implement their projects. The company does this by relying on a crop of well-seasoned professionals who have sufficient understanding of all the relevant disciplines with apex information, awareness of technical and engineering logistics and other necessary requirements for the overall success of the project under consideration.

Archidawn Real Project relies on the established expertise of young and energetic men and women with high quality and diverse skills fitted to the dynamic global challenges of sustainable development. The company creates a platform of opportunity for a new generation of professionals whose knowledge transcends disciplines who are then trained and imbibed with a culture of continuous learning and encouraged to operate at the forefront of innovative engineering and management processes.

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