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10 steps to Manage a Construction Project step by step

• Develop a Project Road-map
The first step in managing a construction project is developing a project road-map. A common misunderstanding of a project road-map is that it is a definitive plan for how the project will commence. However, it is an overview to better understand what needs to happen in order to build a true schedule. It’s also a good way to determine what the performance metrics should be. This is how the project manager can determine whether a project is on or off schedule.

• Defining Roles and Responsibilities
The second step in managing a construction project is to fully define the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders and others. This can be used to determine who will really need to approve what. Within construction projects, we have key stakeholders who approve all parts of plan and also those who approve a specific piece, so we need to identify them. Once the roles and responsibilities are defined, it’s easier to get a plan into motion.

• The kickoff Meeting with Stakeholders
This is an important step in managing a construction project. This meeting is where more of the plan starts to come together. It’s also a great place to ensure that everyone involved understands what’s required of them, what’s to come and answer any questions. This meeting is about team building as much as it’s about creating the organization. It ensures that any necessary subgroups are created and builds a coherent project vision. The kickoff meeting is an absolutely necessary step in project management.

• Setting Scope and Baselines
The next step in managing a construction project is getting the scope and baselines into writing. The scope must be set in order to ensure everyone working on the project knows what they must do. Setting a specific scope also limits the amount of scope creep in a project. Ensuring that the scope is in writing makes it a contractual obligation on all sides, and easier to reference. Baselines, deliverable and other parts that make it easy to determine how to measure success on the project.

• Scheduling
Project starts to take shape from this step going forward. Developing the schedule and getting everyone to agree to it is one of the most important steps in managing a construction project. To create a schedule, the project manager must identify all of the necessary parts and steps. Once those are identified they can work on developing the schedule around the necessary steps, scope, and roles. When the schedule is created it just has to be sent out for approval and understanding.

• Developing the Modification Process
Project managers should not overlook the modification process because it is critically important in construction. A lot of things happen, changes must be made, and in construction that can mean hundreds or thousands of Naira. The modification process helps key stakeholders know where to send change orders and the appropriate response time. This prevents people from losing change orders. As such, establishing a process for modifications and change request early can benefit the project. It creates a chain of command, a review process, and approval process before they’re needed.

• Developing and Implementing the Quality Plan
Probably one of the most important elements of project management is the quality control and quality assurance plan. Having an early quality control and quality assurance plan that starts from the beginning of the project is better overall. Not only does it ensure the quality of work and quality of material, it prevents last-minute rework from the final inspection. Projects that undergo more frequent inspection require less rework since they know immediate fixes are relatively quick or inexpensive. It stops errors before they happen.

• Developing a Communication Plan
A communication plan is very important step in managing a construction project. The communication plan details who is the appropriate point of contact in any situation. This ensures that key stakeholders are not being contacted on small items, and key stakeholders contacting the correct person if they have questions. A well-defined communication plan also helps define the structure for issue escalation. When something needs to be escalated, everyone will know who to escalate it to, and when it’s appropriate.

• Review
Right before the beginning of construction, reviewing all plans and documents with key stakeholders is crucial. The review is the last chance project manager have to ensure the current project is to budget, and that everyone understands the schedule and plans. Without this final meeting, it is possible for key stakeholders to ask questions and make changes before the project starts officially. This is also a good time to go over procurement and ensure that the right parties understand what needs to be purchased and by when. Once everyone is clear, it is time for the construction to start.

• Construction
Once construction starts the role of project manager changes slightly. They are still responsible for managing the construction project, but now they are looking at the progress using the key indicators established earlier. Staying on top of the project performance, key indicators, and communication makes it easier to stop a project from failing. This is also where it’s important to make sure payment schedules are set up and working correctly. The final step of managing a construction project is ensuring that the owners’ requirements have been met when they take ownership.

Who We Are

Isoric Oasis Limited is an indigenous Construction and Project Management outfit that focuses on prolific designs, working constructions and articulate project management. The company is registered with Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with registration number RC 1719198. Since its inception in 2011, it has engaged in the design, construction, maintenance and management of all engineering services and its facilities, as well as engaged in Interior & Exterior design, Suspended POP Ceiling, Painting, 3D Wallpaper etc.
The headquarters of Isoric Oasis Limited is in Ibadan. We have been involved in many projects across Nigeria. We are involved in each stage of the project, from start to finish.
Our workers are skilled at process improvement and on time delivery of projects, visionary who synthesizes facts, events and concepts to develop realistic and long-range plans using Primavera 6.0 and MS Project software and executing such project plans with project management best methodologies. This holistic approach delivers cost effectiveness, streamlines project management and shortens construction timelines.
Isoric Oasis Limited has its objectives of delivering satisfactory and competent services to all our clients and even exceeds their expectation. The company does this by relying on all round-seasoned professionals who have enough understanding of all relevant disciplines needed with up to date information, technical and engineering know-how and every other requirement for the overall success of the project under consideration.
We rely on the established expertise of both young and old but energetic men and women with high quality and diverse skills fitted to the ever-changing global challenges of sustainable development. The company creates a level ground opportunity for new generation of professionals whose knowledge exceeds disciplines, who are ready for continuous learning and encouraged to operate at the forefront of innovative engineering and management processes.



To provide a contemporary solution in the field of project management and construction with professional touch of ideas and creativity.


We create trust by:

  • Living our values and conducting our business with honesty, integrity and ethically;
  • Empowering employees and ensuring openness between employees, teams, clients and partners.


We demonstrate teamwork by:

  • Nurturing strong collaborative relationships with employees, clients, business partners and communities;
  • Building empowered work teams based on respect, dignity, diversity, and learning and development.


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